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There is currently a rapid growth of products and services based on real-time positioning of objects. IDTAG offers position tracking that feels natural, with unique patented technologies that improve upon the current state of the art, bringing the virtual web to life.

  • Track the exact position of tagged objects real-time on screen, using phase difference of received radio signals.
  • Identify and show object tag information on screen.
  • Works with tags using different technologies: UWB, Bluetooth, RFID.
  • Commercial as well as industrial applications.
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IDTAG tech


The patent describes an idea about a device being able to tag digital images with information about objects located in that image, in real-time. The identification of the objects in the image happens by having the device transmit a signal and then receiving a response from the object carrying a sensor with information about that object, e.g using Blootooth, WiFi, RFID communication protocols.

A significant aspect of the invention is to know whether or not the object is within the image viewframe. The IDTAG patent presented in this analysis has the potential to bring considerable value to new applications in this area, since it contains claims which are essential for capitalizing on this trend.

Patents have been secured in USA, China, Hong Kong, Russia, Japan, South Korea, Europe (EPO) and Norway. The patent consists of multiple parts and describes in general (1) a device, (2) a method and (3) a system.

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Commercial applications


Imagine being able to instantly access details about someone of interest in your vicinity, whether it be in a professional setting or personal setting.

Social demo

IDTAG can help retailers reduce showrooming and drive conversion and loyalty by providing real-time product details to the consumer, maybe combined with personalized loyalty incentives.

Retail Demo

The economy of the broadcast industry has been built on the foundation of the 30-second television commercial. That foundation is being disrupted by digital, and TV revenues are dropping rapidly. Future revenue models will be built on “Pay-per-View” and/or “Product Placement” (including sponsorship). IDTAG can enhance the digital viewing experience and help create new revenue opportunities.

Broadcast demo

By adding a layer of relevant information to tagged consumer products, such products basically become live ads in themselves, including post-purchase. This introduces a brand-new sales channel and a potential game changer in advertising (pull, not push).

Internet of Things

The world is becoming increasingly connected and tagged, with tags or sensors attached to anything from personal clothing to home appliances to cars. By being able to locate, identify and read such tags from the viewfinder of any camera device, we believe IDTAG has the potential to unlock enormous new business opportunities within IoT.

Interview on Mr. Beacon Podcast

Industrial Applications

Oil and Gas

IDTAG technology can be used on remote-controlled drilling installations under harsh and dangerous conditions to locate and identify tagged equipment or damaged parts for simpler, safer and remote maintenance and logistics. Including in pitch darkness.


Logistics and quality control across complex value chains can be time consuming and labor intensive, with risks of human error and waste. IDTAG technology can be used to simplify and streamline logistical processes by scanning boxes and containers at any checkpoint with a handheld device or larger automated checkpoints.

Search and rescue

Natural disasters like earthquakes, landslides, avalanches etc. result in people being buried and hard to locate for hours and days. Time is crucial, and ID AG technology can be used to dramatically reduce the location and identification process by making the technology accessible to the public as well as professional rescue workers.

Snow and avalanche scenario

Improving facility management processes by locating hidden plumbing, electrical wiring and other hidden infrastructure, which can be difficult and time-consuming. With IDTAG, any tagged item can be easily located and visualized on a portable screen. Hidden parts in need of service or upgrade can easily be located, saving time and money for entrepreneurs, contractors, etc.


Counterfeiting is a multibillion-dollar global problem with far reaching consequences across multiple industries. IDTAG technology has the power to significantly reduce this problem by giving simple tools to scan and authenticate any object with a sensor or tag.


Hospitals deal with complex equipment, life-saving medicine and patients with different needs. IDTAG technology can be used to streamline the interaction between doctor, patient and procedure/medicine with speed, accuracy and data integrity.

Partners and Team

ID TAG Technology AS is a privately owned company, with public financial support from Innovation Norway and other public incentive schemes.

The technology is being developed in collaboration with Sintef, the largest independent research organisation in Scandinavia, and Nxtech, a software and hardware company focused on developing ideas into products on a global scale. Quuppa is our main partner related to usages within the Bluetooth ecosystem.

The Team

Erik Johannesen, Founder and CEO
is a Norwegian entrepreneur with extensive concept and retail development background from NORSK TIPPING AS and COCA COLA.

Terje Wahlstrøm, COO
is a serial tech entrepreneur with several successful exits. He has extensive experience from international business and partnerships, working with start-ups and Fortune 500 companies.

Geir Vevle, CTO
is a specialist in RFID and tracking technology with over 20 years international experience.

Nils Knagenhjelm
, Business Development
has demonstrated history of taking early stage and start-ups to market through key deals and strategic partnerships, leading to several exits.

​​Michael Holland, Marketing & Sales
is a serial tech entrepreneur and a digital strategy specialist and has driven successful projects across 3 continents.​

Aleksander Bugge, Business and Legal
has extensive experience within global players in their respective markets from the finance discipline (Unilever, Mowi, KANFA Group and Technip Energies), and management experience in multinationals, including CEO, CFO and Group controlling.

Geir Skår, Design & Product Management
has extensive Product Management and Business experience from NORSK TIPPING AS, in addition to 20 years of experience as a Multimedia Designer.

Andreas Johannesen, Product Management
is a tech- and finance savvy who has a great Product- and Project Management background from DNB, working with the newest web and channel technologies.

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