Why rely on recognition when you can identify objects with 100 % accuracy?
The problem with object recognition technology is that is does not work with unlearned or unrecognized images, and even if recognized, object recognition does not give you any real time data.

ID TAG aims to enrich visual communication, meaning photos, videos or live streaming, by embedding real time data and subject location within each image frame.

In the future, the world will be increasingly connected and tagged, whether passively through RFID chips in your clothes, or actively via your phone, TV, car or any other powered technology.


Our primary camera is now the mobile phone, and our communication is becoming more visual. Today’s phones can recognize tags but does not know where they are in space by location or depth, it just knows they are there.

ID TAG solves this problem by being able to locate a tag within the viewframe of any camera device. We believe ID TAG has the potential to unlock enormous new business opportunities in Retail, broadcast and social media to name a few.