ID TAG is more than a product or a technology.
It's a technological ecosystem with the power to disrupt businesses on a global scale.
We want to see our technology integrated with global mobile & camera manufacturers, making it possible to identify items from your handheld device.


Social media has the highest engagement of users in our digital universe. Mobile is driving this growth and along with the Internet of Things (IOT) will continue to make the online experience more immersive and interactive.


ID Tag will help bring the social media and the IOT to life!


“From the unmistakable desire to be a member of a specialized retail community to buying more on their mobile phones... global consumers are pushing the boundaries of what shopping means”

                                                                                  - PWC Total retail 2016,

We believe ID Tag can help retailers reduce showrooming and drive conversion and loyalty. ID Tag will help bring the social media and the IOT to life!



The economy of the Broadcast industry has been built on the foundation of the 30 second television commercial. That foundation is being disrupted by digital and TV revenues are dropping rapidly. Future revenue models will be built on “Pay per View” and/or “Product Placement” (including sponsorship).


ID Tag can enhance the digital viewing experience and help create new revenue opportunities.